The North of Portugal – 5D/4N

Mountainous areas, hidden villages, small seashore fronts facing the Atlantic Ocean, the North of Portugal is a territory to be discovered when visiting the country.

Usually known for its vineyards, especially in the Douro Valley or the never ending Port Wine warehouses located in Porto, there’s more to uncover despite the wine experiences. During these 5 days, you will visit touristy but also local towns, where several elements are included, such as architecture, countryside, sea, landscape, gastronomy, local traditions and much more.

Porto – Braga & Guimarães – Vila do Conde & Póvoa de Varzim – Viana do Castelo – Douro

Day 1Porto

Our experience will start by discovering the culture, heritage and  architecture of the renowned Invicta city – Porto –, and learn about how and  where Port Wine is made, bottled and ultimately transported to the wine cellars,  in Vila Nova de Gaia. 

As an option to your private walking tour, followed by a tasting of regional  jams and jellies, made by northern producers, you can freely choose a  sightseeing tour and venture outside of the city centre, to seaside areas such as  Foz, Matosinhos and Leça da Palmeira. 

09h30 - Meeting point at the hotel or other accommodation
09h45 - Private Walking Tour 
University of Porto 
Churches of Carmelitas & Carmo 
Bookshop Lello & Irmão (no entrance) 
Old Jewish Quarter 
UNESCO MacDonald’s  
São Bento Railway Station 
TASTING – regional jams & jellies in a traditional shop 
Cathedral (no entrance) 
Luís I Bridge 

Sightseeing van tour to Foz (Cheese Castle and the seashore); Matosinhos (old fishermen houses and coastline); Leça da Palmeira (Tea House Boa Nova  and Tidal Pool) 

13h00 - LUNCH in a traditional house, located at Porto’s downtown. Guests can  choose previously between meat, fish or vegetarian. 

14h30 – Visit to a Port Wine Cellar (Burmester or Calem) + tasting of two Ports  per person (White and Tawny)

Instead of visiting a Port Wine Cellar, why not visit the Royal Oporto  Company (Real Companhia Velha) who created and made official the industry  of Port Wine in Portugal. Afterwards, each person can fully enjoy 5 Ports  (White, Ruby, Tawny, Muscat and Vintage). 

16h00 – End of the day and return to your hotel or accommodation 

Day 2Braga & Guimarães

Two historic and cultural in one; our second day will be spent in Braga  and Guimarães. 

Firstly, Braga, a Roman and an old town, will welcome us with its  astonishing Baroque-Renaissance door, a monument that went under a  refurbishment during the 18th century. We’ll stroll down through one of the  most iconic architecture streets and be amazed by many gardens that will be  shown. Know the importance of the Roman Empire in Portugal, and how many  religious buildings this city has. Afterwards, our lunch and afternoon will be  spent in the birthplace of Portugal – Guimarães.

andatory to visit, despite the  old town, are the Castle and the Dukes Palace. 

09h00 - Meeting point at the hotel or other accommodation 

09h50 - Private Walking Tour 
Porta Nova Door 
Church of Misericórdia 
Coffee Shop – A Brasileira
Praça República 
Garden Santa Bárbara 
Sanctuary Bom Jesus – Sightseeing vista point 

13h00 - LUNCH in a traditional house, located at Guimarães’ downtown. Guests  can choose previously between meat, fish or vegetarian. 

14h30 – Private walking tour (Guimarães) 
Largo Toural 
Guimarães’ Castle (visiting inside) 
The Dukes Palace (visiting inside) 

16h40 – End of the day and return to your hotel or accommodation 

Day 3Vila do Conde & Póvoa de Varzim

Spend your day at two hidden gems, not far from Porto, considered to be  old fishing towns, and nowadays they are known for its seaside panoramic  vistas, small old city centres, and exquisite gastronomy. 

Vila do Conde and Póvoa de Varzim, often forgotten by tourists are local  seashore towns, where many sailors used to depart from here during the Age of  the Discoveries. We will visit both old towns, enjoy the beautiful vista points,  and try the famous fish gastronomy, which is still a huge tradition.

09h30 - Meeting point at the hotel or other accommodation 

10h00 – Vila do Conde (old town, fisherman wharf & waterfront) 

12h30 - LUNCH in a traditional house, located at Póvoa de Varzim downtown.  Traditionally, fish will be the main course. However, guests can choose  previously between meat, fish or vegetarian. 

14h30 – Póvoa de Varzim (old town, fisherman wharf, Eça de Queiroz House &  waterfront) 

17h30 – End of the day and return to your hotel or accommodation

Day 4Viana do Castelo

We’ll start our unforgettable day by departing from Porto (your hotel or  accommodation) towards an important city that helped to shape the Portuguese  Empire during the Age of the Discoveries (15th and 16th centuries). 

Right at the outskirts of Viana, we’ll discover one of the oldest towns in  Portugal – Ponte de Lima. Arriving at Viana do Castelo, the Eiffel Bridge will  welcome us and allow our passage into Viana’s old town. Mandatory to see is  the iconic and panoramic view from the Sanctuary of Santa Luzia, where the  Lima River and the architecture of the city are a must for photography lovers.

After lunch and during our afternoon, we will learn the secret art of how to  make filigree in a cultural workshop, a tradition that was passed from generation  to generation and is still trendy. 

09h00 – Departure from your hotel or accommodation 

09h30 – Ponte de Lima 

10h40 – Arrival at Viana do Castelo + Sightseeing tour 
Eiffel Bridge 
Gil Eannes Ship 
Praça da República 
Misericórdia Church 
Old Fishermen’s Wharf 
Santa Luzia Archaeological Site 
Sanctuary of Santa Luzia 

13h00 - LUNCH in a traditional house, located at Viana’s downtown. Guests  can choose previously between meat, fish or vegetarian. 

15h00 – Filigree workshop 

17h30 – End of the day and return to your hotel or accommodation

Day 5Douro

Our last day concerns the exploration of the heart of Port Wine – the  Douro Valley. Belonging to Portugal and Spain, the Douro Valley is obligatory for those who visit the north of Portugal and wish to know how Port Wine is  made and transported to the city of Porto. 

We will have an experience as and with a local. You’ll be taken  throughout the most iconic and amazing landscapes alongside the countryside.  We will pass through the historic city of Amarante and visit the Bridge of S.  Gonçalo and its church; taste the famous local pastry and then head to Peso da  Régua, considered one of the doorways to this demarcated region by  UNESCO. Part of your experience includes a visit to two vineyards, where  you will have the chance not only to learn how Port Wine is made and stored,  but also to taste it. Thus, after having lunch in one of the vineyards, we will  proceed to a workshop of olive oil and artisan bread, as the ancient used to do. 

08h30 - Meeting point at the hotel or other accommodation 

08h45 – Departure to Amarante 

10h00 – Arrival at Amarante; visit S. Gonçalo Bridge, S. Gonçalo Church and  the Old Town 

11h00 – Arrival at Peso da Régua; visit two vineyards with Port Wine tastings 

13h00 - LUNCH in a vineyard 

14h30 – Workshop of olive oil 

16h00 – Workshop of artisan bread 

17h15 – Return to Porto 

18h20 – End of our services


  • Local and certified tour guide (Portuguese, English, Spanish and French) Private transportation 
  • Local tastings 
  • Local experiences 
  • Personal Accident Insurance 
  • Clean & Safe protocols against COVID-19 
  • Hand sanitizer 
  • Road book 


  • Accommodation 
  • Other services not mentioned in the program

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