Porto – 3 Wine Houses & Tapas – 3h30

  • During COVID-19, the van is fully equipped with the necessary measures to prevent contagion
  • Walking tour, everyone needs to use a mask

Porto - 3 Wine Houses & Tapas

Overlooking the Douro River, Porto is one of the oldest cities and tourist destinations in Europe. 

With departure from the Hotel, the walking tour starts for the wine & tapas tasting.

Visit 3 local suppliers from Porto and the North, where you will have the chance to try local products.

  • Wine House 1 - local jams (chocolate, pear, apple, Port Wine, cinnamon, pineapple, honey)
  • Wine House 2 - 3 table wines per person (red, white, green) + cured cheeses, sausages, ham and olives 
  • Port Wine Cellar Visit + 2 Port Wine tastings (per person) 
  • Wine House 3 - 5 Port Wine tastings per person (Tawyn, Ruby, White, Lágrima, Vintage and Muscat) + peanuts


  • Private Guide
  • Meeting at Hotel
  • Personal Accident Insurance


  • Transportation 
  • Lunch / Dinner 
  • Personal expenses

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